What are Shockwaves?

Shockwaves are one of the therapies found at the Naturalyrio clinic. This is non-invasive and deals with the treatment of some pathologies found at musculoskeletal level and sports injuries.

The technique consists of the administration of acoustic energy in the corporal tissues, through an own applicator that will be in contact with the skin. This contact promotes mechanical effects that trigger regenerative actions and that will improve the symptoms associated with diseases or even health problems.

This treatment can be done in isolation, as a single treatment, or in combination with osteopathy.

Shockwaves are indicated for:

Shock wave treatment is indicated for:

  • calcifications of muscles and tendons
  • Epicondylitis
  • Calcaneus spur
  • Tendonopathy of the hood
  • Among others

Who can not use?

The treatment should not be used by patients who have acute infections, neoplasias, changes in blood clotting, pacemaker, pregnant, among others.