Relaxation & Professionalism

Alexandra Gonçalves founded the Naturalyrio Medical Center in the year 2000 and this has been growing and improving since then. The clinic offers a new concept of quality, excellence and well-being.

“Come in, Feel and Relax”, we take care of your Health. This is our motto to this day. We aim to help all who seek us, improving their quality of life. We work as a team to achieve a high degree of satisfaction and healing, both physically, mentally and spiritually. We complement medicine in all aspects and make life easier, less heavy and with more joy to live.

Customized Service

The service at Naturalyrio is personalized, so the wellness is guaranteed.


Workshops dedicated to a number of various health issues.

Certified Professionals

Professionals accredited in their areas of practice, in order to promote well-being.


Find the expert to help solve your problem that will help you solve your problem.

Meditações Guiadas Gratuitas

Our Mission

The relaxation and well-being of your body and mind should go hand in hand, as this is the best way to promote happiness in your day-to-day life. These positive states are achieved through some of the treatments offered by Naturalyrio, but also by our professionals.

Whoever who tries the first time, returns to many more. Let us take care of you and feel the difference in your life.


Dra. Alexandra Gonçalves

Specialty osteopath. Homeostasis between the body and the mind.
Naturalyrio Miguel Queiroz

Miguel Queiroz

Miguel Queiroz, a graduate in Osteopathy, “believes that a well-cared body can last a lifetime”.